Recent Crafts

As well as drawing for fun, I have been doing some crafting for fun so here’s 2 recent projects.

DIY bunny plush kit

Blossom Bunny

I recently let all the SCK writers choose a kit to make for the blog and picked a Make your own Ricemonster kit from Noodoll for myself. I love their mini food plush and liked the idea of customising a bigger plush. The kit includes everything you need – blank plush, felt accessories, felt scraps and stuffing. I got a pink bunny of course and turned it into Blossom Bunny with a felt heart, bow and embroidered face. You can read more about the process on Super Cute Kawaii.

pompompurin plush keyring

Pompompurin Keyring

I picked up this plush keyring sewing kit at Japan Haul as it looked so cute and I love Pompompurin. It’s aimed at kids and so easy it even has the holes ready punched and comes with a plastic needle! Unfortunately, Google Translate couldn’t make any sense of the instructions so I had to guess a lot but it was all pretty simple. The most difficult part was hiding the brown thread ends as it all shows through the fabric and you can’t make more holes with a huge blunt needle. It was a pretty quick and fun project and turned out really cute. Shame the other characters are sold out everywhere. There’s more photos on the SCK Instagram and I made a Reel too.

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