July News & Shopping Offers

Here’s a round-up of new and recent products, zines, printables and freebies + current special offers.

summer sale

Sale, Discounts & Shop Changes

  • There’s a Summer Sale on in my shop with up to 60% off 40 products including some quite new ones.
  • Due to a bunch of new laws and tax changes, I can now only accept orders to the UK & USA through my main Shopify store. For other countries, please use my Etsy shop where you can pay all relevant sales taxes at checkout and avoid additional fees on delivery. I hope to add some or all countries back later this year but the whole situation is a total mess right now. If you’re in the EU I would honestly advise waiting a few months.
  • I have also removed ‘free’ UK shipping from my Shopify store. Prices are now much lower all round and shipping costs are still very affordable. Most UK orders will ship for £2 and US for £4.50-£6. If you prefer shipping included, use my Etsy shop.
  • It’s 2 years since my first real book The Super Cute Book of Kawaii was published! Get 10% off signed copies with the code BOOKBIRTHDAY until 5th July. It’s also available internationally in print & ebook editions (at much bigger discounts than I can do!)
free printables, zines & wallpapers

New Digital Downloads

*Free downloads on Ko-Fi have a pay-what-you-can option – paying nothing is fine if you support my work in other ways but please consider it if you want more in future, especially if you’re downloading multiple files.

kawaii shop

New Products

New On-Demand & Today’s Shopping Offers

There’s a new Sunny Days design in my print-on-demand shops. You’ll find them on wall art, clothing, homeware, gadget cases, stationery and lots more. Check my print-on-demand page to see full product lists for each site.

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