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I’ve been taking some time off this summer but have managed to do a bit of crafting for SCK reviews and Patreon.

make happy club cross stitch pattern

Make Happy Club

I got to review this new crafty subscription box and was happy to find a nature-themed cross stitch kit inside! This is definitely the most complicated cross stitch pattern I’ve done but I enjoyed it a lot. I’d definitely like to do another bigger pattern sometime, and also would love to design something like this myself some day. Read my review on SCK including how to subscribe.

Pusheen plush sewing kit

Pusheen Plush

On the other end of the enjoyment scale is this Pusheen plush sewing kit. While fairly similar to the Noodoll DIY Ricemonster kit I made a while ago, this one was way less fun with some horrible materials and a complete lack of helpful instructions. It still turned out very cute but I only really enjoyed making the pizza. Read all about it on SCK and see how bad it looks from the back!

keroppi paper toy

Keroppi Paper Toy

I am really bad at visualising things in 3D (ask my technical drawing teacher!) so when I was setting up Andi’s Keroppi post on SCK I was a bit annoyed that Sanrio didn’t provide finished pics with these free paper toy printables. I ended up making one myself to see what it would look like and the answer is very cute! It’s a bit fiddly to cut out and glue (I had to put clear tape over the teru teru bozu so I could cut it out without smudging the ink) but stands up really well. There’s lots more characters available if you want to try.

paper craft heart card

Hugging Heart Cards

And a much easier paper craft project, thanks to my Cameo! I designed this for Father’s Day and made it tiny because his gift was tiny. They turned out so cute that I made a bunch more for my patrons, family & friends. Because they were so small, I was able to cut the whole thing on my Cameo – you can see it even scored the fold for me! I really like the colours too so you will probably see it again soon…

I also just received 2 mini thermal printers to review so I’m looking forward to playing with those.

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