Recent Favourites #9

Another batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and what I’m watching. Previous editions are in the Favourites category.

kawaii wish list

Wish List

Links I Loved

  • Every Rilakkuma Store in Japan has a unique plush toy manager for the next year and I am obsessed. Check the hashtag for so many cute photos.
  • Ask The Agent on tumblr is super interesting – it’s a literary agent who is very generously answering all kinds of questions about publishing.
  • This Oral History of All Tomorrow’s Parties made me desperately nostalgic. An experimental music festival in a run down English holiday camp at the seaside out of season should not have worked for as long as it did and yet it was some of the best times ever. I would go again in a heartbeat. You can also read about some of our adventures in the diskant archives (scroll down to Events).
  • I liked the idea of this zucchini butter spaghetti recipe at Smitten Kitchen so much that I finally bought a box grater. It was really good too.
  • Nice article about the romance of sleeper trains at The Guardian.

Into It!

All I do now is play Breath of the Wild! On about Day 3, something clicked into place and it started being so fun and exciting. I’ve mostly been avoiding battles and dungeons and big enemies and just exploring and doing shrines and side quests. I love it so much.

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