Recent Favourites #11

Another batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and current entertainment.


Wish List

  • These teary-eyed friends Amuse plush at Tofu Cute are TOO MUCH. The cat has clearly had some terrible news.
  • I don’t know why these Rilakkuma tapes are so hard to track down online but there’s a new set of designs and I need them very badly.
  • I don’t have a spare $100 for a working mini Pop Mart gashapon machine so can someone buy me one please?
  • Kind of glad I didn’t buy a Riceboo plush yet as Noodoll have maded a mini version that is even cuter.

Links I Loved

Into It!

I have finished Breath of the Wild by almost anyone’s measures (defeated Ganon, 100% map, all quests completed) but of course I am still playing. I thought the Champion’s Ballad DLC would be a real challenge but I found it all easy enough so maybe I need to stop ragging on my own fighting skills. I have started a tumblr for BOTW screenshots and lists, which you might enjoy if you’ve played, or are bumbling around thinking you’ll never get good. I’m also still watching a bunch of videos of people messing around and I’m currently dying over these Link & Guardian videos by nesis. I have come to love Guardians so much (it’s weird I know).

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