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This Year’s Christmas Card

Every year, I design a special Christmas card for my family and friends. I really didn’t have the energy for crafting this year but still managed to make something a little bit handmade.

christmas card

Since my 2022 calendar is cat-themed, I went with my cats in party hats and had cards professionally printed with my white cat on a green background. I had been thinking about adding a striped card hat with a bit of mini tinsel for a pom pom but it was really hard to find the sort of supplies I wanted. Instead I ended up with gold glitter hats. sequin pom poms and some tiny holo stars for extra glitter.

christmas card

I also had a design printed on the inside so it would be quicker to sign them. The nerve damage in my hand makes handwriting quite painful after a while so it all helps speed things up. This card should be easy enough to recreate for my shop next year, perhaps with gold foiling for the hat and stars!

cats in party hats christmas wrapping paper

In the meantime, you can stock up on cards, gift wrap, stickers, tissue paper etc. with my Cats in Party Hats and Gingerbread Cookie Cat designs via print-on-demand. There’s always some good discounts during this holiday week and you’ll be all set for next year.

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