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2022 Plans & Goals

For 2022, I am making the big decision to NOT have any plans and goals. The last 2 years have been exhausting and confusing and I need to take the pressure off and give myself a break – at the moment I have no idea what I want to do this year and I’m happy just to let things tick along until I do. Since I decided this, I’ve seen a few other people I admire are also having a no-goals year so I’m in good company.

2021 Achievements

Instead of setting goals and challenges and feeling bad if I fail, or don’t do as well as others, I’ll be flipping things and taking more time to share and acknowledge my achievements. I’ll have posts about crafts, reading and my habit tracker later this month but here’s some dubious “achievements” from the end of 2021.

nintendo 2021

My most played Nintendo Switch games of 2021 can be filed under ‘tell me something I don’t know’! Gaming took up a lot of my spare time last year and I’ve spent many happy hours on my Animal Crossing island Neptune and exploring the world of Breath of the Wild and definitely won’t be stopping any time soon. Those numbers are from November so the final tally for BOTW is closer to 400. Still got a while to catch up with the 800+ hours I’ve put into Animal Crossing since March 2020 though.

duolingo 2021

I’m actually quite proud that I’ve kept up my daily German lessons on Duolingo throughout the whole pandemic, when so many other things fell off my priority list. Other than gaming, this is possibly my only hobby that is entirely for fun. I have no need to learn German, other than that I’ve always wanted to travel there, but I really like the language and it’s something different for my brain to do. Extremely surprised to be in the top 4% though, since I generally only do 1 lesson these days and I’m still on the free app. My streak has since passed 1000 days so I expect to continue this throughout 2022.

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