Recent Favourites #16

A new batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and current entertainment.

wish list

Wish List

Animal Crossing New Horizons
L-R: Ankha & Bunnie / Wade & Fauna / Marshal & Kody / Rolf & Gaston

Into It!

To no-one’s surprise, I am still mostly just playing a lot of Breath of the Wild in Master Mode. I seem to recall that there are other games that exist, but not to me. (though I will probably “finish” this soon and buy myself A NEW GAME for my birthday).

Okay, I am also having a lot of fun redesigning my villagers’ homes in Animal Crossing. I didn’t expect it to make such a difference but some of their default homes were so awful and it made me dislike characters that I had been thrilled to have move in. I’m quite happy with what I’ve done so far and it’s fun to work in themes and hobbies that they talk about a lot. You can see more – and bigger – images on my AC Twitter, and I should get around to the last 2 soon (Punchy & Megan).

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