Recent Favourites #17

A new batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and current entertainment.

wish list

Wish List

  • Sugar Bunny Shop has some lovely new wooden pins – the bunnies are my favourites, of course.
  • I adore these little bunny plushies by Apple Cheeks – they have magnetic accessories!
  • These worm spoons by Pony People make me very happy.
  • The Washi Station have a new Adventure Calls collection and it’s all so good.
  • I stumbled across this Open Book series on Cherry Bombe with behind the scenes features on food books and it is super interesting.
  • Also loving these book stack illustrations by ShelfWornDrawn – they do custom commissions and some fun themes and made up books.
  • This Spirited Away live-action stage play looks so cool.
  • Really nice article on video game magazines, past and present.
  • This Twitter account of the adventures of a bunch of IKEA shark plushies in Japan made me laugh a lot.
  • A reminder that I’m on tumblr and there’s been so much good stuff to share that I’m posting twice a day now.
  • I’m keeping some of the most kawaii links I find for the SCK newsletter instead so why not join that – it comes out once a month.
Animal Crossing New Horizons
Bunnie & Megan’s new homes

Into It!

Yes, yes, still playing Breath of the Wild in Master Mode and a bit of Animal Crossing – above are the last 2 of my villager home redesigns. I think I’m going to get a year of the Nintendo Expansion pack for my birthday so I’ll have new Mario Kart courses and old N64 games.

I’ve also been watching a bit more TV and got very into The Great Pottery Throw Down and The Great Cookbook Challenge. The Throw Down is just so inspiring and barely feels like a competition at all, though I’m glad the most fun potter won. The Cookbook one was a bit more generic cooking show with some interesting (and nonsensical!) publishing stuff but I realised in the last episode that I really needed one person to win because I wanted to cook their food. Thankfully they did and their book is on my wish list.

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