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Baby Pineapples For Print-on-Demand

My Pineapple got even cuter and is now on lots of fun products in my print-on-demand stores.

kawaii pineapples

I recently tried to simplify my Pineapple character for something else I’m working on and I think it looks so much cuter, like a baby pineapple! I was so pleased with it that I had to create a pattern as well. It took me a while and I ended up saving different versions so I’ll be able to do a process post about that soon.

kawaii pineapples at Redbubble, Society6, TeePublic & Zazzle
Beach towels and outdoor pillows from Society6, sleeveless tops & tote bags from Redbubble

Both the pattern and individual Baby Pineapples are now available at Redbubble, Society6 (scroll down for all products), TeePublic & Zazzle on all the usual cute products – apparel, stationery, art, phone cases, bags, homeware, kitchenware, bedding and lots more. The pattern looks like flowers from a distance and has a bit of a Hawaiian shirt vibe that’s fun for outdoor products and summer outfits.

Here’s today’s offers:

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