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Lots of New Stickers

I got a little bit carried away designing new stickers and there’s lots of new ones to choose from!

rainbow kawaii clear vinyl stickers

I’m most excited about these clear stickers, inspired by Playing With Outlines. They turned out really cute and it’s been fun trying them out on different backgrounds – and figuring out how to photograph the transparency. I love this new look Rainbow so much.

thunder cloud kawaii clear vinyl stickers

However, the grumpy Thunder Cloud is probably my favourite and looks so cool on my laptop.

sakura kawaii clear vinyl stickers

And a Sakura cherry blossom for springtime! These clear stickers are just as hardwearing as standard vinyl so you can use them on your water bottle or even outside.

jammie dodger kawaii vinyl stickers

Speaking of standard vinyl, biscuit fans will be happy to see that Jammie Dodger has finally joined the gang as a large sticker.

pineapple kawaii vinyl stickers

And look who else got even cuter? I simplified my Pineapple for something else I’m working on and I think it’s even better now, and more like a Baby Pineapple! This is a small size sticker so you get 2 in a set.

kawaii vinyl stickers

All the new stickers are part of my Pick & Mix offer so you can get a set with your favourite small, large or special characters, or a random variety pack with all sizes. Check out the Vinyl Stickers collection to see everything.

handle with care stickers

…oh, but wait, there’s more! As promised, my Handle With Care design is available as sheets of round stickers. These are much more affordable so you can stick them on all your mail, but are still high quality and will last for a while. They’re included in the Happy Mail Mixed Pack too.

Everything is being added to my Etsy shop too for EU buyers.

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