10 Photos From My Early Summer Holiday

Last month me and my sister spent a week back up north, where we grew up, to see family. It was our first proper visit since Christmas 2019 and we somehow managed to pick a week with glorious summer weather. I took a lot of photos – you can see them all on my Flickr – but here’s 10 of the most interesting.


The biggest change in my hometown, Lossiemouth, is that the iconic old wooden bridge has been replaced. They’ve left the posts up which almost makes it feel even sadder.

Lossiemouth East Beach

The new bridge is very boring in comparison but at least everyone can visit the East Beach again. Lossie does famously have 2 beaches but this is the more touristy and central one.

Covesea Skerries lighthouse

The highlight of the trip was definitely getting a tour of the lighthouse! It was really interesting and we all learned some new things.

Covesea Skerries lighthouse

It was super windy that day so I didn’t risk going outside since I forgot to bring any spare glasses. You still get some great views out the door and from the lamp area lower down. This is the West Beach and we walked all the way home after.

Lossiemouth East Beach

Back at the East Beach for a paddle. The sea was very cold but everything looked so pretty and there was some kind of sandcastle contest going on.

ice creams at Lossiemouth

My first ice cream of the year! I was checking my last post about visiting in 2019 and was annoyed to see that I got the exact same flavour – raspberry and dark chocolate. It was really good but I would have tried something else if I’d remembered.

Glen Grant Distillery garden

My aunt lives in Rothes so we had a walk around the gardens at the nearby Glen Grant distillery. It’s really well cared for and has an astonishing amount of handmade wooden fencing and benches, and even a summer house with cool details.

Bullers of Buchan

The second half of the week was with my mum and we took a long drive to the Bullers of Buchan. It has some really impressive views and a lot of birds, though we did not spot any puffins.

Cullen Beach

Look at that blue sky! Our last day was so lovely and hot that we really couldn’t do anything else but go to the beach nearby at Cullen. The rockpools were the perfect temperature for paddling and the sea wasn’t too freezing either. I also somehow managed to get sunburn on one foot.

Angel Bunny at Portsoy lighthouse

Angel Bunny had a great holiday too and especially liked the new mosaic mini lighthouse in Portsoy. You can catch up with him on Instagram at @angelbunnytravels.

Lots more photos on my Flickr

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