Recent Purchases & Gifts

I finally got around to taking photos of some of my recent cute buys and gifts. I haven’t been able to afford much lately but I did get a few birthday treats.

kawaii stickers

I already shared an overview of my birthday presents in a previous post but here’s a closer look at some items from minatunimo, an illustrator from Germany. I put the pin on my wish list but Nicolette got me all these stickers too, and I assume the postcards were freebies. I really like her art style and you can’t deny the cuteness of bunny sushi!


I bought myself a few gifts too. I always miss Deth P. Sun‘s baby painting updates but I happened to be online at the right time and spotted this bunny was still available so of course I grabbed it. It’s been on my mantelpiece but will likely move to my type drawer of tiny things, once I reorganise it.

deth p sun art

I also took the opportunity to pick up Deth’s latest zine and got a whole lot of free stickers and things too. So nice.

gachapon capchara

Definitely not a present, but an important business-related purchase was picking up gachapon lucky bags/boxes from Tofu Cute and Rainbowholic Shop. I wrote a comparison post on SCK to help you choose the best option but it was too difficult as they both had such cool stuff. These Capchara figures are my favourite and now live in my studio.

pastel mouse

I had to replace a couple of tech things and was very pleased to find this pretty pastel mouse. It’s working out pretty well too.

nintendo switch pokemon controller

I love my Nintendo Switch but the stick drift issues are such a bummer. I already had to buy an external controller last year when my original Joycons became impossible to use and now I’ve had to replace that too – this was possibly the last straw. I do really love these official controllers though as they come in so many fun designs, and are really comfortable.

Pusheen Box

And finally, I just reviewed the Spring 2022 Pusheen Box at SCK and it was a really fun one with a gardening theme.

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