Recent Favourites #22

Bringing these posts back for 2023. Each one has some things I’ve been enjoying lately including a shopping wish list, interesting links I’ve saved and what I’m currently watching/playing.

wish list

Wish List

Tumblr CEO quote

Links I Loved

  • Long but incredibly interesting interview with Automattic (WordPress) and now Tumblr CEO, Matt Mullenweg. It’s so good to hear someone who actually cares about users more than money and understands their needs. That quote above just sums up all my current social media feelings.
  • The Quietus has a great interview with 2 Royal Mail postmen (a musician/label boss and an author/photographer) about the state of the postal system.
  • Spoonflower talks to 6 of their artists about Creating PANTONE® Color of the Year 2023 Designs. Who knew that was something you can get paid to do?
  • Horrible but important article by cartoonist Sarah Andersen about how AI is affecting artists and her work personally (paywall).
  • A very interesting behind the scenes of how Tilly & the Buttons design and create their sewing patterns.
  • I only recently came across Tokyo Weekender and it has a lot of useful and fun articles about sightseeing, shops, cafes, media etc.
  • Being a patron of Kate Beaton is a general joy but especially so when you get to see hilarious cartoons like this before everyone else. Truly the greatest comic format.
  • Also hilarious and adorable – excerpts from Bram Stoker’s 2000-word fan letter to Walt Whitman.
  • On Substack, you can see a few of my most favourite recent posts on my profile page. I’m extremely delighted that Popjustice is back in newsletter form and I’m also really enjoying the food writing of Alison Roman.


  • Playing: Picross, Ring Fit Adventure (actually having a little break from BOTW!).
  • Reading: Hail Mary by Andy Weir
  • Watching: Our Flag Means Death (OMG!), Atlanta, 24 (rewatch while crafting, still hilariously stupid)
  • Making: Autumn 2022 Creative Kawaii craft box – will share some pics soon.
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