Recent Favourites #23

February is finally over and has been nothing but trouble but here’s some things I’ve been enjoying lately including a shopping wish list, interesting links I’ve saved and what I’m currently watching/playing.

february wish list

Wish List

  • Do I really need a little whale shark desk friend to look after the paper clips I never use? OBVIOUSLY YES.
  • Very much eyeing up the bargello kits at Oh Sew Bootiful even though I feel like I would finish this in about 2 days.
  • I want all the bunny stickers at Cherry Rabbit but how can you resist a bunny in a Cup Noodle?
  • I still desperately need a plush of new San-X character Kumausa’s friend Tomopu and this new one is adorable.

Links I Loved


  • Playing: Picross, finishing my BOTW challenge, doing dumb digital jigsaws while super stressed.
  • Reading: just finished a re-read of A Place of Greater Safety and obsessed all over again.
  • Watching: Star Wars Rebels, Aggretsuko, uhh…like 3 bike races a day (I got GCN+ no regrets).
  • Making: finished my Butterflies & Bees embroidery, started a new cross stitch.
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