Recent Favourites #24

Here’s some things I’ve been enjoying lately including a shopping wish list, interesting links I’ve saved and what I’m currently watching/playing.

wish list

Wish List

  • Ready to make an exception to my ‘no more bags’ rule for this adorable Pusheen tote.
  • The Dracula Daily book is actually happening and looks incredible.
  • tumblr’s merch is on another level (of insanity) and I actually really want some crab socks.
  • These needle parkers by Kate Blandford are so clever and I need one.

Links I Loved

  • Dracula Daily starts again in a couple of weeks and I really recommend joining it. It was honestly one of the most fun things about my 2022. Make sure to check the tumblr tag regularly for the best experience.
  • Youtube helpfully suggested the ProcessX channel which is videos of how stuff gets made, in Japan. I had no idea this is how they make Iwako erasers!
  • Makiko Itoh has been writing a series of posts on Very Japanese Food that have been very interesting, especially the food at Tokyo Dome baseball games. It’s much easier to read these on her Patreon and you get extra content too.
  • Popjustice interviews the reformed Busted and it’s extremely entertaining.
  • Caustic Cover Critic’s list of Unfortunate Author Deaths is quite the read! I saw this on Twitter initially and it took a while to be sure it wasn’t all made up.
  • Great archive interview with Hilary Mantel about A Place of Greater Safety and the French Revolution.
  • Lucy Knisley on the joy of Things With Faces.
  • There’s a Kumausa mascot and I want to hug it. Also loving this IKEA Japan ad with BLÅHAJ shark mascots!


  • Playing: Mario Golf Super Rush! So much fun, though I’m stuck on the solo Golf Adventure.
  • Reading: Moby Dick. It’s certainly an experience.
  • Watching: The Mandalorian, Reservation Dogs, Pui Pui Molcar, too many bike races
  • Making: an old Mollie Makes embroidery kit that I’m not really enjoying much but I hate to DNF
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