8 Photos From My Summer Holiday

I haven’t had much time for blogging so I have a lot to catch up on, starting with my June summer holiday Up North. We spent a lot of time lounging around in the garden and playing Mario Golf but here’s a few photos of some of the more interesting things we got up to. You can see all my photos on my Flickr.

Portsoy Harbour

We’ve been having some unbelievably good weather here in Scotland and June was pretty much non-stop heatwave. This is Portsoy where my mum lives looking incredibly calm and hot at 9pm. I did not get much sleep that weekend.

Sandend Beach

The only thing you can do is go for a paddle! This is Sandend beach, which so flat and featureless but great for paddling. It was still a little bit cold in June but super nice to cool down a bit.

Fyvie Castle

An outing to Fyvie Castle, which has huge grounds that are free to explore including multiple gardens and a lake.

Fyvie Castle

The walled garden was my favourite, filled with flowers, fruits and vegetables. So much colour everywhere.

Secret Place sculptures

We spent a morning searching for this Secret Place with a giant pencil sculpture. It’s basically someone’s farm in the middle of nowhere and we eventually stumbled across it after trying to follow some vague directions.

Secret Place sculptures

There’s more than just the pencil too including different flowers, birds and insects. They were all really big and impressive but my favourite was the daffodil.

Beach huts, Hopeman

We took my dad out for a late Father’s Day lunch and a walk along Hopeman beach. It’s many many years since I’ve been there and the row of colourful beach huts was a real delight.

Angel Bunny

Angel Bunny had a great holiday too with lots of flowers and beaches. You can catch up with him on Instagram at @angelbunnytravels.

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