Recent Favourites #25

I took a break from these posts because I wasn’t feeling very inspired to share but I’m back. Here’s some things I’ve been enjoying lately including a shopping wish list, interesting links I’ve saved and what I’m currently watching/playing.

wish list

Wish List

Links I Loved

  • Great (and non-spoilery) post about Tears of the Kingdom at Tor which is a follow up to one of my favourite BOTW articles. The last line made me laugh as I was at exactly the same point in the game.
  • The Wind Waker at 20 at The Guardian is also lovely to read. Please remake it Nintendo!
  • Smitten Kitchen’s travel posts are always worth a read for food envy and the most recent one is two weeks in italy. I also made these raspberry streusel muffins and they were really good.
  • I’ve been enjoying these Japan super budget dining posts on SoraNews24 where they send all their staff somewhere to spend ¥1000 (around £5). The 7-11 post is a good place to start.
  • I really don’t know where the rest of my links are! Next time.


  • Playing: Tears of the Kingdom, duh. I’m at the point where I should go do the final boss fight but instead I am running around doing stupid things for fun.
  • Reading: Nakano Thrift Shop by Hiromi Kawakami. It’s very Japanese.
  • Watching: Heartstopper, The Bold Type, Mr Robot rewatch
  • Making: Back on the cross stitch for a book review.
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