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All My Unfinished Craft Projects

My top tip for making resolutions/setting goals is to start with the smallest step. So, while my goal is really to finish all these craft projects, my actual set goal for 2024 is to make a list of everything. Once I have a list to refer to, it’s much more likely I’ll finish some of the projects too. Which is a long-winded way of saying that I sat down with my projects box and made a list and here it is.

dressmaking patterns

1. Tilly and the Buttons dressmaking patterns. Long-time readers will know I’ve been struggling to get going with dressmaking for probably as long as I’ve been blogging. Stevie is not as easy as it makes out (there’s a button fastening on the back!) so I put it all straight back in the packet but Suki does look much easier.

2. Embroidery kit by Nelly Makes (I thought I’d lost the thread card and then saw this old photo and realised it came with full skeins, duh)
3. Fox cross stitch kit (from Sister Advent in 2015!)
4. Cross stitch brooch & pendant kit (Mollie Makes freebie)
5. Mini embroidery hoops kit from Flying Tiger

kawaii quilt

6. My kawaii quilt. This is from 2013 and long-abandoned but I’m convinced that one day I am going to pick this up again and get super into it. It happened with my Zelda tapestry after all.

japanese rubber stamp kit

7. Japanese rubber stamp blocks & carving tool. I bought these on my 2016 Japan trip but haven’t had any inspiration yet.

craft kits

8. Sakura sashiko kit from Japan Crafts
9. Pokemon Cross Stitch book

Digital patterns

11. Scandinavian Christmas cross stitch pattern by XCrossStitchPatternX
12. Flowers and Herbs embroidery pattern by VividStitchShop
13. Christmas snowflake embroidery patterns (set of 3) by VividStitchShop


I’m not counting these in the official list but a reminder to myself that I have a lovely square hoop I bought in a charity shop on Mull last year and this lovely combo of my own polka dot patterned aida and a yellow hoop. I should come up with something to stitch in/on these.

plastic canvas

And wow, I have a LOT of plastic canvas in so many different shapes and sizes! After the fun of my vending machine kit, I should do something with these.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how manageable this all looks! I thought it was far worse. While there’s a few things I’m not super excited/motivated to work on yet, there’s a whole lot more that I definitely am. Look out for updates throughout the year.


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