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Solo Day in the Life

Back in the ancient days of blogging (like…2008) a bunch of us used to do Day in the Life posts, where we all shared the details of the same day, however exciting or boring. Sometimes I did it in words and photos, and sometimes drawings or lists. I even made a zine! I don’t think anyone else from even the wider group still blogs but I decided to do it myself to get back into the blogging groove. I picked a random Monday (Feb 12th).

7:00 – alarm goes off. I turn it off and immediately fall asleep again. I am so tired at the moment, even though it’s almost light at 7am now.

7:50 – wake up again, go get washed and make breakfast. I love my Aeropress and have perfected all the details for a lovely cup of coffee that I look forward to every morning. You can usually tell how tired I am by how much caffeinated coffee I add to my decaf (the optimal amount is zero as it messes with my circulation) but there’s only a little bit left in the tin so I have that much. I also toast a muffin (English). I take it all back to bed because it’s freezing and catch up on the news, social media, emails etc.

9:00 – up, dressed in many layers, house put in order, Pusheen calendar updated, “desk” set up on bed, at work. I have a ridiculous Google Calendar (actually 3 calendars that I display together) that keeps me on track for all my various shops, blogs, jobs, holidays, regular tasks etc. Open up all my tabs to check shop orders, emails, my Amazon Kindle wish list for price drops etc. Very little of interest. Start writing this blog post. Download packing sheets for the weekend’s shop orders.

10:00 – Answer emails. Set up a free shipping offer in my Shopify store as an experiment. Start researching a blog post for Super Cute Kawaii themed around tea and coffee. So much cute stuff! Prune it down to 9 items that work best together. Check some photos I took of my finished garland at the weekend to make sure they’re not too gloomy. They’re fine but the sun is out now so I go and take a few more. Rilakkuma looks on, bored.

11:00 – Move self, phone and laptop to studio and print off packing sheets. Only a handful today (PLEASE BUY MY CUTE STUFF!) Put on some music – I’m listening to a playlist of 5 star rated songs, ordered by reverse release year. It’s currently on 2013, which seems to be a lot of Perfume, Pet Shop Boys & Mogwai (probably the case for most years this decade). Pack orders, draw things on nice ones. Buy the shipping labels and print them off.

11:30 – Somehow all done already. Agonise over a shopping list for the supermarket. Coming up with 3 meals a day all the time gets difficult. Get ready to leave the house.

11:40 – drop off post at the delivery office, get blown all the way to the Co-op. Buy everything on my list and only one thing extra (some crackers). Head home via the seafront but it’s way too windy and freezing to take the path next to the sea. Also there’s a police car there with flashing lights. (Surprisingly, there was nothing about this on the local newspaper’s Facebook page, even though they delight in posting about every minor crime in the wider area. Perhaps the police were just showing off or parking dangerously).

12:15 – Home! Put the recycling out back while I have my shoes on. Put groceries away. Since I didn’t have a morning snack today (see crackers above), I’m having lunch early. Luckily I made a huge vat of potato & carrot soup in my Instant Pot at the weekend so I just need to reheat some in the microwave. Eat it while watching the latest weekly instalment of my favourite YouTube series – Wolf Link’s TotK Minimalist 100% challenge. Sadly his Switch is away for repairs but he’s still posting other stuff that’s just as fun. After that, read blog posts, newsletters etc.

Day in the Life

13:00 – The doorbell goes and it’s my new shoes! I swear I picked this day for DITL before I even bought them but this is great timing. They look amazing – and include free socks – but feel a little bit too tight, especially if I want to wear thicker socks with them. Argh.


13:30 – Duolingo time. Still keeping my unbroken streak, now at 1782 days (almost 5 years!). Get a perfect score on luxury hotels, which is sure to come in useful when I’m on my Berlin trip and want to book a manicure at the hotel salon. Do a second lesson to get an extra point for the stupid monthly challenge.

13:40 – Try on the shoes again and decide to order the next size up, compare to be sure and return one since returns are free. Annoyingly, this style is gone from the website but I find them at Mountain Warehouse for even cheaper. Means I won’t get to keep the free socks though, boo.

Day in the Life

14:00 – Thank god road cycling season has started again. I get so much more work/crafting done with a background of incredible scenery and also racing. Today we have gravel roads and olive groves in Spain. Update this post and get back to editing photos, setting up SCK posts etc.

16:00 – Okay, sometimes there is the problem of ‘bike race too exciting’ and I still haven’t finished one blog post.

16:20 – SCK post finished – here it is online! It’s getting gloomy now and I have a bit of a headache so work day over. The rest of this post will have a more vague timeline as I forgot to take notes.

16:30 – Drag out my box of fabric as I have promised some spare Spoonflower test swatches to Jan who is possibly making me something cute with them. Wow I have far too many. Put the heating on for the first time today. I will turn it off again in an hour because I am a miser. Also because the flat stays quite warm for a while after.

17:00 – Do the washing up and start making dinner. Put Japanese rice in the rice cooker. I had planned to use a spicy coconut sauce mix I found at the back of the cupboard recently but it has a really weird thick consistency, like tinned custard, however much I water it down. This would not go with Japanese rice at all so I set it aside for future me to deal with and use the clearance section bargain meatballs and veg for Japanese curry instead. Always have a gigantic 50 serving box of curry roux for emergencies, is my tip. Take a photo and realise I forgot to make the edamame and even with a blog post I’m too tired to bother now.

19:00 – After eating dinner and tidying up, my phone reminds me to share today’s SCK post on socials. I do, and then have a browse around. I continue to be fascinated by how awful Threads is. My ‘For You’ feed is entirely filled with artists complaining that the Instagram algorithm hates artists and influencers/marketers insisting that if you’re doing badly on Instagram it’s because your content is bad and you should feel bad. Ugh. Bluesky is so much nicer and has a lot of people tweeting in German, which I can just about understand.

Day in the Life

19:30 – Read one of my library books, a graphic novel prequel to the Grishaverse novels about The Darkling as a child. First person to borrow it! It’s a good read but doesn’t tell us anything much we didn’t know from the books so glad I didn’t buy it.

21:00 – After a while of half-watching some TV while catching up on online stuff, I watch the new BBC doc on the space shuttle Columbia. I read an excellent book about this once (Into the Black) and this is pretty great too. Though I would also happily watch an entire hour of straight space shuttle footage.

22:00 – Go to bed and read my book. The end.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my day. Not the most exciting one but fairly typical for this time of year. If you like to try this yourself, just pick a day and do it! There are no rules.


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