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My Patreon is now closed but don’t be too sad as most of what I was sharing there will continue be shared in other places.


For the most Patreon-esque experience, join my mailing list. I’m currently sending out a newsletter every other Friday with a mix of shop updates, new products, zines & print-on-demand designs, wallpapers & printables, discounts, recent blog posts, previews and personal updates. You can check my archive and read the last few of emails to see what they’ll be like.

SCK also has a monthly email newsletter that currently just recaps our top posts etc. from that month but I hope to get back to adding additional exclusive content soon.


If you’re used to following/checking blogs, I will be posting 1-3 times a week with longer content. The Favourites posts (wish list & links) are already continuing there and I’ll try to share more personal updates. There will also be news, guides, DIYs, travel etc. as previously.  I’ve updated and re-posted some older Patreon posts that were worth keeping and have more to share later in the year around Halloween/Christmas etc.

I’ll also be posting on Super Cute Kawaii of course. You can use Feedly, Bloglovin etc. to get see posts from both.


While I am hopelessly disillusioned with social media, I will continue trying but I find it hard to interact much and have mostly given up on the whole liking/commenting/sharing aspect for now.

Instagram has irregular updates + stories with behind the scenes, previews, travel/local. My cute makes & buys usually go on the SCK account.

Twitter I mainly use for linking new blog posts, freaking out about new San-X releases and very random personal life stuff.

And I have 3 active Tumblr blogs: I use marceline for sharing things I like (mostly art, kawaii, gaming, books), marceline-lists for making random lists (including my Ghibli Rewatch) and marcelineAC for Animal Crossing (mostly custom designs).


If you miss the Happy Mail, you can always take part in my Surprise Mail Swap. Send me something in the mail any time and you’ll get something fun in return.


Obviously, one big part of Patreon is that you were supporting me financially. If you still wish to do that, there’s a few ways, like buying from my shops or through my print-on-demand partners, or adding a donation when downloading freebies from my Ko-Fi Shop. My How To Support My Work page has all the links + some free ideas too.

Thank you all once again for all your support, messages and happy mail over the last couple of years. I will miss this space but I’m excited to do new things. Please do stay in touch!


Hello! I’m Marceline Smith, the designer and owner of Asking For Trouble. I create illustrated stationery, accessories and gifts using my cute characters inspired by Japanese kawaii. This is my business and personal blog where I write about my creative doings, inspirations, travels, Japan trips and daily life. Read more »

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