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How to make a cute Look Around Coin Purse

look around coin purses

This is a guide to sewing a cute coin purse using my cut and sew patterns available from Spoonflower. These are basic instructions only for experienced sewists – if you need instructions on inserting a zip or anything else, Google is your friend! The completed purses above were sewn by by my mum, who provides some tips below – if you have any problems following the instructions, email me and I will pass your message to her. If this all sounds like too much work, finished purses are available to buy in my shop.

purse fabric pieces

You will need:

  • A coin purse swatch (we strongly recommend the Linen/Cotton Canvas as a base)
  • A 10cm/4″ size zip (I recommend ZipIt)
  • A sewing machine
  • Sewing thread in complimentary colours
  • Iron and ironing board


NOTE: if you’re not completely confident about how this purse is sewn together, cut some fabric of a similar weight to the same size and sew a test purse first.

Cut out the 3 purse pieces, which include a 1cm seam allowance.

Sew the zip first – to the larger front piece (below zip in diagram above). Match up ends of the zip so that the seams of the fabric are the same size at each end. Baste, then sew close to the zip. Repeat for the top half.

Use thread and zips that match or compliment the fabric colours. You can also use one colour of thread for the top stitching that matches the fabric and another colour in the bobbin to match the zip.

When matching up the back piece of fabric (large square with main character), baste the side seams containing the ends of the zip. Open the zip about a third of the way. While basting, put a few stitches in to make sure the two loose ends meet up before using the zigzag or overlap stitch.

Sew the seams with zigzag stitch – stitch twice along the seams for strength.

Cut corners for a neat finish then open the zip and turn purse right side out. Use a knitting needle or chopstick for the corners.

Iron out any creases and you’re done!

If you make a purse with my pattern pieces I would love to see it! You can upload a photo to the fabric page on Spoonflower, or email me.

coin purse


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