Tokyo Shopping Guide: Akihabara

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Akihabara is Tokyo’s electronics/gaming/anime/geek area and a bit crazy. You’ll find maid cafes, idol groups, animal cafes and hundreds of gaming, anime and electronic stores, plus more seedy stuff. It’s fun to explore, especially once it starts to get dark and all the neon lights make it like being in a movie.

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Shopping in Akihabara

Super Potato
A must-visit for gamers. 3 floors of retro games consoles, cartridges and merchandise to browse, plus a rest area with arcade games and vending machines. See my full post »

Big range of toys, figurines and collectibles including opened blind box toys so you can get the ones you want. Website »

Aso Bit City
7 floors of hobby and character goods with everything from kawaii toys and computer games to Pullip/Blythe doll parts and huge Gundam models. Website »

Yodobashi Camera
Always recommended for electronics but they also sell character and hobby goods, plus lots of gashapon. Website »

Hard Off / Hobby Off
Most branches of these secondhand stores are out in the suburbs but you can visit a Hard Off (games consoles/electronics etc.) and Hobby Off (toys, games, hobby materials etc. ) in Akihabara. Website »

Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan
If If you love the random madness of capsule toys, you’ll find 430 machines here with new prizes added every month. Website »

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Art, Culture & More

A street near Akihabara station where you can watch artisans at work making glassware, ceramics, furniture, jewellery, bags etc. and buy the finished products, plus there are galleries and workshops. Website »

Akiba Fukurou
Pet a family of owls, all with food-themed names! Website »

Candy Fruit Bunny Cafe
Tourist-friendly bunny cafe with cute costumed staff. Website »

There are are also loads of arcades where you can play stuff like Mario Kart and DDR or torture yourself with UFO catchers. And of course, there’s maid cafes, idol cafes and lots more only-in-Japan craziness.

Getting Around

Akihabara is on the JR Yamanote Line and subway lines just a few stops away from Tokyo and Ueno stations. Take the Electric Town exit to find all the good stuff.

Last updated: 15 May 2017

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