Tokyo Shopping Guide: Akihabara

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Akihabara - Jalan Pasar of Tokyo

Akihabara. Photo by akmaryaakub

Akihabara is Tokyo’s electronics/gaming/anime/geek area and a bit crazy. On our first visit on a weekday afternoon it was busy busy and full of noise and flashing lights, and when it started to get dark and all the neon was turned on it was like being in a movie. It’s definitely worth a visit just for the atmosphere.

The area is a bit of a maze so it’s really hard to explain where the shops are so do some research on Google Maps before you go and make sure you have some time spare for a good wander (and a play in the arcades!).

My Akihabara Highlights

Super Potato
Multi-floor shop of retro gaming awesomeness. See my full post.

Sells toys and collectibles including opened blind box toys so you can get the ones you want without buying 20 random boxes!

Aso Bit
There are quite a few branches in Akihabara selling everything from kawaii toys and computer games to Pullip/Blythe doll parts and huge Gundam models. The biggest one has a basement lined with rows of gashapon!

What else to see?

There are are also loads of electronics shops selling hi-tech gadgets and toys of all kinds, gaming and DVD stores and big arcades where you can play stuff like Mario Kart and DDR or torture yourself with UFO catchers. And of course, there’s maid cafes, idol cafes and lots more only-in-Japan craziness.

Getting Around

Akihabara is on the JR Yamanote Line and subway lines just a few stops away from Tokyo and Ueno stations. Take the Electric Town exit to find all the good stuff.

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