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Tokyo Shopping Guide: Super Potato

Its-a Mario!

Super Potato is pretty much heaven for retro gaming fans. The main Akihabara store has about 5 floors, each dedicated to a different console/manufacturer. The Nintendo floor was obviously our favourite and is crammed with secondhand games for the whole history of Nintendo as well as toys and other merchandise. There are also old consoles dotted around set up ready to play – yay!

Rayon de jeux et peluches chez Super Potato
[Photo by Dacobah]

The top floor is the most exciting though, full of retro arcade machines and vending machines and a great place to stop and rest your feet. There was even a huge original Game Boy and a chair made out of game carts!

Giant Game Boy

Even if you can’t afford to buy anything, it’s worth a trip just to marvel at all the Japan-only games and limited edition consoles.

Super Potato Akiba 007
[Photo by nubero]

I’ve also visited the branch in Den Den Town, Osaka, which is not quite as exciting but it does have a big range of secondhand games, plus all the new releases. There are lots of other stores across Japan – see the Super Potato website for maps and addresses.

If you’re a fan of old skool Nintendo or Sega gaming then Super Potato is a must-see. It’s pretty much as good as a museum.

super potato

How to get there

The main branch is in Akihabara close to the JR and subway stations. It’s in the back streets and tricky to find so look it up on Google Maps before you go. The Osaka branch is easier to find, right next to Ebisucho subway station.

Area Guides

Osaka (Den Den Town)

Last updated: 24 August 2016

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