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March 2008

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    Springtime Joy

    I think maybe, just maybe, Spring is on its way! If you’re really lucky and look hard on your next walk in the forest, you might spot an Angel Bunny poking his…

  • Me Me Me


    One of the great things about quitting my day job is that finally I have some time to do those little jobs that never seem to move up your To Do list.…

  • Creative Work

    Kawaii Keyrings

    I have been hoarding this webbing since I got back from Japan as it’s just so cute. However, I am now willing to share and have made some super-cute keyrings with it.…

  • Creative Work

    Take a step back

    The previous dress being technically a prototype, I am now at work on the real thing, using one of my many pretty vintage pillowcases. Since at least one person was interested in…

  • Crafts, Guides and Tutorials

    A Dress

    I made a dress! Okay, maybe more of a tunic top but still a wearable dress-like piece of clothing. I think this definitely illustrates that my problem in past months has not…