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I wanted to show you some awesome things I’ve been sent by a lovely customer of mine called Ivy. She’s 11 and lives in the South of England and sent me the sweetest letter after receiving some badges of mine. I’ve never had a fan letter before, and certainly not one with such cute drawings of my characters.


I sent Ivy some bits and pieces as a thank you and look what I got in return – a rainbow sun catcher! The translucent bits let the sun through and should hopefully put pretty patterns over my walls. My bedroom window faces East so this is going to be cool in the mornings when we finally get some sun.

In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with the usual grubby cloudy Glasgow morning. That’s the view from our living room by the way – my bedroom has a view of the Celtic stadium, rather than a big chimney.

Rainbow over Bridgeton

Thanks Ivy!

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