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Larisa Iordache at the World Cup Gymnastics today. I have a pretty amazing seat.

A very long time ago, my friend Simon wrote my biography for diskant, which said my hobbies were working too much and going out in bad weather. This is still too true! All the good stuff does seem to happen in the winter here, so here’s a few exciting things I’ve been to recently (in the rain).

World Cup Gymnastics
You may remember I blogged about this last year, and it was so fun I went again. It was basically the same deal, and mostly the same gymnasts, so I won’t go into detail. I had a much better seat though – the above photo was barely zoomed in. I only managed to take one good photo (those gymnasts move fast!) but it was of Larisa Iordache who won the whole thing. The Go Team GB audience are still awful though – so many people left after Daniel Purvis’ final routine, even though that meant they’d miss seeing the actual top three gymnasts in the competition. So mental. Highlights are on iPlayer just now – I suspect I am spottable (probably rolling my eyes or reading emails on my phone). Next year’s event is at the Hydro so I got my ticket seeing as the Commonwealth Games ticketing was such a bust.

At the ballet tonight.

Hansel & Gretel
I like to go to the ballet as an end of year shop closing treat, but I left it a bit late to get a ticket this year so I had to go early. Scottish Ballet’s original productions have been a bit uneven with some verging on incomprehensible (I’m looking at you, Sleeping Beauty) but this was a good one. Some enjoyably bonkers stuff like Hansel & Gretel being part of 1950s Glasgow tenement family and leaving Scottish Plain breadcrumbs, but also some really lovely classical ballet bits. Usually there are a couple of sections that drag but this was over really quickly. It’s on in Glasgow until the 28th and then on tour.

I never go and see the 3D version of films but I am so glad I listened to people and saw this in IMAX 3D. There’s basically no point in seeing this in 2D since the actual plotline is nowhere near as exciting as all the WOO SPACE effects. IMAX is even better as it’s so immersive with the soundtrack and  everything. I was basically bouncing around going WHEEEE I’M IN SPACE the whole time. I didn’t really care about the characters that much over getting to see inside the ISS and Soyuz and things but it was fairly gripping. It’s probably too late for you to see this at an IMAX but if you get the chance and you like space, GO!

I’m trying to remember if I actually went to any other gigs this year and I don’t think I did – how awful. Shellac are always worth leaving the house for, especially since I hadn’t seen them for years since I stopped going to All Tomorrow’s Parties. I have seen them about 6 times there though, since they always make such an effort to do fun stuff. The Q&A sections are always amusing too – they were stumped by ‘what’s your favourite shape of window?’ this time. The gig was at SWG3 which is basically a warehouse under a railway bridge in the back end of Finnieston, and not exactly enjoyable to get to in the dark of Winter. Is it just me or have Glasgow City Council stopped turning on half the street lights this year? Anyway, I had a great time and they played a bunch of songs I hadn’t listened to in ages and all the new stuff sounds grand and I am already excited about new album next year. Also Steve Albini finally updated his cooking blog – it’s a Christmas miracle!


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