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long stitch bargello pattern

I follow a lot of crafty people on Instagram and I’ve been feeling guilty over their progress shots, knowing that I have a bunch of unfinished projects on the go. I decided to take some pics of where I am now so I’ll be encouraged to finish them.


#1 – Bargello Long Stitch Cushion
The top photo is when I started it in February, and I managed to get about a third of the way through the pattern before I started moving house and put it aside. I picked it up a few days ago and I’m already into the last third – the end is just around the roller on the right. I definitely think I can finish this soon. It’s a pretty big piece (16″ square), but it stitches up quite fast, and they also sell pre-made cushion backings to match so I will hopefully be able to use it in the near future.


#2 – Miette Skirt
Did I even ever mention this? It’s a super cute wrap skirt by Tilly and the Buttons which I bought at the height of my ‘WHY NO POCKETS skirt makers’ trauma. I cut out all the pieces last October and then got derailed by Renegade and Christmas. I actually planned to get back to this sooner but I couldn’t find my tins of dressmaking pins after I moved. I eventually found them two months later at the bottom of a tin of thread. And then I had to buy an iron and an ironing board (the IKEA tabletop one is AMAZING and £4 btw) because I had been using my flatmates’ so now I can finally get back to this! I really want Tilly’s sewing book as well, but I am not allowing myself to buy it until I finish this skirt.


#3 – My Sort-of Quilt
I started this a year ago, and then never touched again. It would be nice to have this done for winter so I ordered some more fabric as part of my Spoonflower swatching and will try to get the sewing machine set up.

Obviously, I have way more than 3 projects on the go, but these are the main ones that I want to get done. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see how I’m getting on.

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