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Exciting Mail Week

I was really hoping for some exciting post today but definitely wasn't expecting ghost marshmallows! Thank you @tinyotterpaws :)

There’s nothing like getting something exciting in the post, especially when you’re not expecting it. Doubly so, if it’s surprise marshmallow ghosts! These are made by Zukr in Edinburgh (why did no-one tell me about them before?) and were a surprise gift from Claire. You probably just about have time to order some for Halloween yourself.

Box of amazingness from @hannah_zakari - I love it all, thank you!

I also got a big box of surprises from Hannah Zakari as payment for my zine piece. So many great things! My favourites are below – I love the watermelon brooch, which is both awesome and perfect for craft fairs and things so people can say hello. I’m definitely going to give the sunae (sand art) kit a go sometime too, and how cute is the little bracelet?

hannah zakari

The zine is a really good read too – go get your free copy! And while you’re there, there’s an interview with me on the HZ blog too.

@paulinahonig has been busy making coin purses :)

My mum has been busy sewing up more coin purses, along with some new secret prototypes! They need a little bit of tweaking, but I may well have some for sale before Christmas. I also got something very exciting from the laser cutters so check back for that later this week.

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