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Project Window Seat


You may remember this photo from my last post about hanging pictures. Moving those pictures left my window area really empty and I was thinking of making a window seat to fit there. Well, I asked my dad to help, and it is happening!


We saw this HOL storage table in IKEA, which was the general idea of what I wanted, but with a foam cushion on top covered in my fabric of course! I could have just got that table, but it was a bit cheap-looking and probably too high as well.

window seat plan

Instead my dad went away and drew up some ideas, and this is what he’s going to build. Isn’t it amazing? You can see where I get my drawing skills from. It’s got handles on the sides so I can move it around and the lid will be hinged so I can store stuff inside. It will also have a fretwork panel on the front.

Got my Spoonflower swatch of ottoman rib - it has a really cool ribbed texture. Probably going to use this on my actual ottoman/window seat.

Around the same time, I noticed Spoonflower were selling a new limited edition fabric called Ottoman Rib, which obviously sounded ideal, so I ordered a swatch. It’s got a really cool ribbed texture and is designed for upholstery so it would make a good choice. I think I will go with my Sewing Pins design, but possibly not the black, unless it fades less than Spoonflower’s blacks usually do.

Anyway, I will post more progess at it happens, but I would love any ideas and tips on how to make a cushion for the top, or any ideas for making it even more awesome. Covering a thick piece of foam shouldn’t been too difficult, and I can perhaps add some velcro to keep it attached to the lid. Exciting!

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