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I love seeing my characters getting out and about so please keep sending your photos to me! Can you find my Jammie Dodger in this plateful by my sister Nicolette? Well, obviously, especially as mine is based on the old biscuit design, which was much nicer.


And here’s one on an outing with Stephanie, who got him as a birthday gift. Hope you have fun together!

To my great annoyance, I discovered Instagram now only saves the last 300 photos you liked so I’ve lost some of the others I wanted to share. Why, Instagram, why??!


No Jammie Dodgers here, but DisturbinglyAdorable has made this super cute purse with my Cutie Fruity Friends fabric. It’s up for sale on Etsy for about £20.

If you take a photo of anything featuring my characters, please tag me on Instagram (@marcelinesmith) or you can email/tweet me.

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