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Project Window Seat Pt 2

If you remember, I asked my dad to make me a window seat and it’s going to be amazing. Read the first post.

window seat

So, my window seat is finished! My dad got it all pretty much done in time for my Easter visit. Doesn’t it look awesome? I love the curved legs and the handles. It also has a hinged lid and a fretwork panel.

window seat

We brought it home and it fits in my window perfectly. It’s had a coat of primer so now it’s just waiting for me to decide what fabric to use to make a foam cushion for the top and then buy some matching paint.


I have pretty much decided on the cream sunflowers as it will match the ribbon I bought from Zazzle for my curtain tie backs. I still like the idea of making it sewing themed though, with my sewing pins fabric. Let me know what you think!

Next time – cushion making and/or painting…

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