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I keep forgetting to change my avatar, because I like the bunny one too much. May was a bit of a letdown – why so cold?

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Added to my Wish List: Summer Clothing


Boden skirt | Birkenstock sandals
Rocket Dog shoes | Boden top


Still re-reading the Wheel of Time and I just finishedbook 11 now so not far to go.

Unread books update: 0 down, 2 added, 13 to go.


The Americans
I fell behind on S2 when it aired but thought I better catch up before S3, except it turns out none of the channels bought it so I acquired that too and watched two seasons over a few weeks. It’s a shame this show isn’t more popular because I love it. Basically about Soviet agents posing as an American family in the cold war, it’s full of real world happenings and yet incredibly tense. There’s also an equal focus on the KGB and FBI characters with no-one being the good guys. And now I have to wait 8 months for S4.

What Did Lovefilm send me?

Edge of Tomorrow, which was really good in a Groundhog Day meets Tom Cruise sci-fi action film. I’m now watching the hell out of 24: Live Another Day, the recent revival of 24 but only covering 12 hours so they don’t have to make up so much ridiculous nonsense and forget what was going on 8 hours ago. This might be the greatest 24 ever – it’s not quite as dumb and hilarious as the originals, but still has Jack Bauer bellowing things and shooting people in the kneecaps for no reason and everyone being shifty in case they might make them THE MOLE. Also located in London with Stephen Fry as PM. I hope they make another 700 seasons like this.


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The new Perfume EP is great and this video has some hilariously bad acting. Seeing Perfume do one of their crazy laser show stadium concerts in Japan is top of my bucket list these days.

How was your month?

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