My Art History

My Art History: Moray College Exam Work

I’m sharing some artwork from my school and college years. See all the posts here.

Moray College painting

Let’s finish off my college years. For my second year we studied A Level Art, which was kind of weird as that’s usually only in England. We had to submit a portfolio of work plus a timed exam piece and a written project. Here’s one of my final paintings – a dried up leaf. All of the pieces in this post are huge by the way – A1 size.

Moray College painting

And here’s a self-portrait. Don’t ask what’s going on with my hair – I was 17 and a riot grrl.

Moray College drawings

Above is some of my prep work for my exam piece, which I was doing in coloured pencil and watercolour.


And here’s the not-quite-finished piece since I ran out of time. I’m still quite fond of this.

Me in Paul Cannell's studio

My written project was on the artist Paul Cannell, who I visited in his studio at Creation Records in London. I’ve written about this before. He took this photo of me – I look so young and art-studenty! Unfortunately, because I was developing and printing all the photos myself, they’re all in black and white, which is a shame since his work is so colourful (as is my outfit).

Moray College exhibition

I found this press clipping from the Northern Scot too, where we are standing in front of my work at the class exhibition. They must have been hard up for news to send a photographer and everything.

Next time – I go to actual art school.

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