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Type Drawer of Tiny Things

type drawer

I finally remembered to take new photos of my type drawer of tiny things as it’s expanded so much since I last blogged about it. I took a few photos and stitched them together so that you can see everything.

My Type Drawer of tiny things

I was going to add notes on top with what everything was but it turns out Flickr removed that feature! So instead I just made another image for you to compare (click on both images to see larger versions). It’s a pretty good mix of childhood stuff, things I bought and picked up on my travels, my own products and things people have gifted me. Quite a few people who read this have made me tiny things so thank you again. I still have a bit of space left so that’s always a great gift idea.

Type Drawer with notes

In a bit of cross promotion, you can head over to Super Cute Kawaii later today for some tips on buying your own display shelf and tomorrow some places to buy tiny kawaii.

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