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It was my seven year anniversary of opening up my shop on Folksy recently and since I’m now their longest-running shop, I’ve been getting a bit of promotion. You can read a big old interview with me on the Folksy blog that talks about the old days and how my shop grew.

7 years at Folksy - Cakeify badges then and now

Initially, they were just going to post my talk for the Summer School that I never got to give because I ended up in hospital. I made these images of how my products developed that I don’t think they’re going to use so I’ll post them here. Cakeify badges (my first character product!) from totally handmade to how they are now with outsourced production and printed backing cards.

7 years at Folksy - fruity characters then and now

My very early Cutie Fruity Friends doodles and how they eventually developed into my 5 A Day characters.

7 years at Folksy - handmade purses then and now

And who here remembers my early days hand-sewing purses from Japanese fabric? Nowadays I just design the fabric and get my mum to sew up cute purses for me.

It was fun looking back at the old days and my 8 year anniversary of starting Asking For Trouble is coming up in a couple of months too. It seems possible I might make it to ten years!

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