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It looks like the Summer Postcard Club is going well, with postcards starting to turn up on doormats around the world. Check out the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to see what everyone’s been sending and receiving.


It took me a while to get all mine posted, what with digging through my postcard collection, choosing something for each person, thinking of things to draw and sticking stickers all over everyone’s postcards. I hope you all like them. You can see a peek above, along with the postcard I received from Emma, which managed to include all my favourite things!


I also remembered I had all these vintage stamps so I stuck one on most of my postcards. They’re so colourful and fun, which made up for the boring real stamps.

Kawaii postcards

I also dug out a few of my favourite postcards from my collection to photograph. These are mostly from my last trip to Japan and are too cute to ever use.

Rilakkuma 3D postcards

I totally forgot I bought these amazing 3D Rilakkuma cards. They’re even more awesome in real life.

Emma shared some of her postcard collection too at the weekend. Do send me any links if you blog about the postcard club or your collection and I’ll add them all to the Summer Postcard Club page soon.

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