Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

I’ve packed up my last order for 2015 and closed up all my shops. Let’s have a look at where some of my characters ended up as you’ve been sharing some really cute photos.


Fiona got the first snowflake photo in and it’s looking so cute on the tree. Hoping to see some more ornament pics from everyone over Christmas.

Kirsty’s Glitter Ghost gets to go to WI meetings and has some pretty cool friends.

Yay, now my winter coat has a super cute ghost and a super cute glitter ghost ?? #askingfortrouble

A photo posted by Kirsty (@kirstyandjim88) on

Including a normal white ghost! I love the double ghost action.

Forever stitching #crossstitch #embroidery #handmade #diy #longfox #hellyeah

A photo posted by Kate Blandford (@kateblandford) on

Another ghost, having an awesome time with super cool cross stitcher Kate Blandford.

Never too many badges. @andsmilestudio @marcelinesmith @fairy_cakes_ @midtowncomics #TopoftheRock

A photo posted by @stephaniemaxwell on

And more awesome pins including my Jammie Dodger brooch. I need to up my pin game in 2016.

Lauren has been meal planning with my pad and an impressive array of pens!

Eeeek, my lucky bag arrived from @marcelinesmith!! ❤️ the contents! ?

A photo posted by Rebecca Cakeface Jones (@beccasan83) on

My lucky bags were pretty popular (there’s one left!) and here’s a look at what was inside Rebecca’s.

Thank you everyone who took the time to share a photo with me -I love seeing them all! I need to do this more often so I can include more, and I’m also going to start giving out a little surprise to my favourite so make sure to tag me.

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