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Christmas Gifts

I got some amazing gifts for Christmas so let’s have a look at my favourites.

Sister Advent belated Day 23: it's a SAD GHOST BUNNY! All my favourite things in one plush

We got to finish off Sister Advent in person and saved some of the best gifts for last. This plush is everything I love about kawaii – bunnies, ghosts and sad faces. You can see the whole month of Sister Advent gifts at Flickr.

We might be a little obsessed with Sumikko Gurashi at SCK. Me and @jijipunch both got tiny plush for Christmas and they're so cute!

My final advent gift to Nic was this adorable Sumikko Gurashi snail plush (it’s a slug pretending to be a snail!) and my mum got me the dust plush I wished for. It was fun to see them all hanging out with my birthday weed. I am going to go so Sumikko Gurashi crazy in Japan.

Favourite gift! I love this patch from @tinyotterpaws. She got me other awesome stuff too but I didn't bring it all with me.

This patch from Claire was one of my favourite gifts. It’s by Ello There.

New additions to my cute kitchen c/o Claire

She also got me all these amazing things for my kitchen!

I got a box of cuteness from Pusheen! I love the ornament so much. Thank you Hey Chickadee

Pusheen didn’t forget me this year and I came home to an exciting package from Hey Chickadee with a card, stickers and super cute stocking ornament plush. I only got to have it up for a few days so it will be fun to unpack it next Christmas.


My biggest present (apart from money for Japan) was this set of Kuretake Japanese watercolours and they’re so beautiful! I’ve been using the same travel set of watercolours since age 16, when I bought them for my college course, so this is quite a step up. The colours are so pretty and they’re much stronger and more vibrant than standard paints, more like gouache really. There are even metallics!

I bought a few things for myself too, so will share those soon.

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