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My New Camera

I’ve had my new camera for a few weeks now so I thought I’d share some photo comparisons. I’ve been relying on my iPhone camera solely since 2012, which is so shocking. It was better than my camera at the time and I always planned to get a new camera when I went back to Japan. So, yes, four years later, I finally have a real camera!


Choosing one was pretty easy – my dad gave me some info from Which? and I researched their top choices online until I found one that suited me best, the Nikon Coolpix S9900 (I shopped around and got it for £179). I did consider a DSLR, but I don’t want to carry something bulky around Japan. After doing some photo tests, I am completely happy with the quality for product shots and print images. It’s also a good size and I love the big swivel screen on the back that folds back with the screen against the camera to avoid damage.

Daffodils Daffodils

Here’s a look at the difference in quality in unedited photos. The left is my iPhone and the right is my Nikon. They’re both a little dark (thanks, gloomy weather), but the iPhone pic has such harsh shadows. You can click all these photos to see them bigger.

Tiny panda

I’ve really missed having a macro lens as the iPhone can’t get very close to anything. I’ve never been able to photograph the tiniest thing in my type drawer of tiny things and this is so sharp.

Type drawer

This is about the best my iPhone could do.

Helensburgh Seafront

It also has an insane zoom. If you follow me on Instagram, this is one of the usual sort of photos I post from the seafront. I would just crop it a bit.


And this is from the same place, zooming in as much as possible. That is Greenock, 6 miles across the water. I think this is almost as good as my binoculars.


I’m definitely happy with this purchase and it’s already making a difference to my product photos. Look at all the detail on my fabric – you can really see the texture. I’ll be spending my summer reshooting all my products, but first I get to use it in Japan!

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