Happy Mail

Space nerd swap parcel

June was a fun mail month as I’ve been sending out Japan parcels and receiving some cool stuff in return. Above is my awesome space parcel from Veronique, who I met on She’s applying to be an astronaut so we’ve been space nerding out together a lot and arranged a parcel swap. She sent me the new US space stamps which are so beautiful, plus some NASA Mars postcards and stickers. Here’s my unboxing list.


I sent her some space stuff from Japan including a JAXA pencil and some satellite models. Here’s her unboxing list.


All the SCK writers asked for Neko Atsume figurines so I brought lots back. Natasja also got a big parcel of cuteness for looking after SCK while I was away – look at all her cute photos!  Kendy got a parcel of cute cat stuff and I sent the last ones to Soléna, who is the biggest Neko Atsume fan ever.


And finally, since Nicolette couldn’t come to Japan with me this time, she gave me a big shopping list (and some money). I sent her a big box of stuff, which she unboxed live on Instagram, so scroll back and have a look at all the cuteness.

I have quite a few gifts left to share out, plus I’m still finding homes for all the things I bought for myself. I’ll start posting about those soon.

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