Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

Here’s my favourite customer photos from the last few months. Thanks so much for taking such cute photos of my products! One person wins a special surprise too so share yours for next time.

Is this not the cutest nail art you’ve ever seen? It’s the handiwork of Akiko, a Chicago based Japanese nail artist who created it for ear73 (who also posted a photo) inspired by my Fuji & Onigiri characters. So cool.

You don’t need to spend a lot to share a fun photo. Rachel shared this photo of her desk complete with my free wallpaper.

@marcelinesmith we used the garland prints as place cards at dinner tonight! ? #setthetable #placecards

A photo posted by nutmegknitter (@nutmegknitter) on

And nutmegknitter used my free summer garland to make place cards – cute idea!

Super Cute Box shared another photo of my star brooches and really captured the sparkle!

The whole crew from @marcelinesmith #squadgoals

A photo posted by @ermaska on

And the winner this time is ermaska who showed off her Ghost Gang – I think she’s the only person with all of my ghost brooches and they’re clearly having an awesome time together.

Remember to share your photos with me for a chance to be featured next time – just tag me on Instagram or Twitter.

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