Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos

I wish I could remember to do these more often but better late than never! Here’s a few more of your cute photos of my products.

hello sunshine pillow - marcelinesmith

Abby bought one of my Hello Sunshine pillows from Redbubble for her son’s room and it’s so cute.

Love this colourful photo by Marina with my Banana brooch.


Jennifer of JbirddesignsCo found a great use for her Bread Slice stamp – she uses it for packaging tags on her handmade fabric snack bags!

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A couple of ‘spot the Asking For Trouble products’ challenges for you to finish up. Firstly, here’s Hannah Zakari‘s cool new pins and patches display. Can you see all my brooches?

fridge magnets

And look at Amy’s amazingly cute fridge! If you look very carefully, you should be able to spot 10 of my characters as fridge magnets – there are two groups of three and one group of four!

That’s my favourite photo this time, I think! I send out a little surprise package to my favourite photographer each time I do a post like this so make sure to share yours with me – just tag @marcelinesmith on Instagram or leave a photo with your feedback using the Etsy app.

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