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Surprise Mail Swap #1

I’m so happy that some of you decided to join in my Surprise Mail Swap! I thought I’d share some on the blog because everyone has been putting together such fun mail.

surprise mail swap

I get my PO Box mail delivered with my normal post and I wondered if they would ruin everything by slapping on a new address sticker but thankfully not. How cute is this one from Cheryl?

surprise mail swap

As you will see, everyone has noticed my love of bunnies, washi tape and stickers!

surprise mail swap

This was my first piece of surprise mail – from Myleen in Canada – and set the bar pretty high. So many bunnies!

surprise mail swap

Even the envelope is covered in bunnies.

surprise mail swap

And my first birthday card from Phoenix in Singapore. I never expected such generosity and I love reading your letters the most. It’s so nice to find out more about people I only know through social media or shop order notes.

I’ve been sorting through my stickers, washi tape and postcards to organise some fun return mail next month. If you’d like to join the mail swap, all the details are here – just send something to my PO Box and I’ll send you something back. Please don’t feel like you have to send a big package – a postcard, card or letter is just as exciting.

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