100 Days of Kawaii Characters – Part 1

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project but it’s all going great. I’m managing to post something new every day and working through my big list of ideas. I’m posting daily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll also do a catch-up blog post for every 12 characters. I’ve included the software I used too – if you want to know about specific brushes – it’s usually mentioned in the original post.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 1-4

  • Jammie Dodger – I started off with a reworking of one of my earliest characters that I never shared because it’s not quite right. Maybe you’ll see it again! (Illustrator)
  • Sad Ice Lolly – just a small variation on the original but super adorable. (Illustrator)
  • Party Rings – a big hit, especially with my British followers. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Ghost with an umbrella – inspired by a customer request. (Procreate/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 5-8

  • Battenberg Cake – a request that was another early favourite (Sketch/iPad).
  • Party Rings pattern – I’ve decided to post patterns on Sundays and this is the first. (Photoshop)
  • Baby Courgette – This was a lot of fun to draw! (Procreate/iPad)
  • Bread Slice –  Another rejected redraw, though this is my favourite. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 9-12

  • Cakeify/Cupcake – the last of the redraws. I quite like this one too. (Illustrator)
  • Snow Bunny – I’ve been going through old sketchbooks and this was one of my Look Around character ideas back in 2012. (Illustrator)
  • Gingerbread Ghost – A mashup of my Little Ghost and Cookie Cute characters.(Illustrator)
  • Planets – an idea for a repeat pattern based on my paper craft tutorial. (Illustrator)

Which are your favourites so far?

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