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August Favourites

Goodbye August! Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff. These posts will be shorter than usual from now on, as I am posting weekly updates for my Trouble Club on Patreon instead.

My 4 favourite photos

instagram marcelinesmith

From @marcelinesmith & @averyquietstreet on Instagram (L-R, top-bottom)

  • The Waverley’s last visit of the year. It had some technical problems and ended up staying here all afternoon.
  • My backpack badges with a new one from tinrobo.
  • My to-read pile. I did get the top 3 back to the library.
  • My first look at the newly-renovated local park – they’ve done so much work on it and it’s going to be great.

Fave 5 from the blog

Other things I wrote

5 Links I loved

  • There’s another interactive digital art museum open in Tokyo and this one looks even more fun with water elements.
  • I’ve always wanted to visit Kagoshima in Japan where there’s an active volcano. I’m glad Amy from Cakes With Faces went and made a video. It looks just as awesome as I imagined.
  • Natasja has been reviewing her favourite Japanese stationery shops on kao-ani, if you need any more shopping inspiration.
  • If you’ve thought about having your own enamel pins made, Becky (AKA the Pink Samurai) has a great series of videos on YouTube explaining the whole process.
  • This Twitter account of endless cute bunnies has really made my days better.

If you want more links to read, I shared 20 on Patreon during August. I opened up the July posts for public viewing so you can catch up on those links. If you enjoy it, please consider joining to get the weekly updates every Sunday. It’s only $1 a month with lots more cool stuff included.

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