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What’s On Our Japan Itinerary?

This time next week, we’ll be in Japan! Here’s 8 new things we have planned for this trip.

Gudetama Cafe

Character Cafes

Character cafes were barely a thing last time Nicolette visited, and they’re not as much fun on your own, so we’re making up for lost time! We have reservations for the Pokemon Cafe and hope to also hit the Gudetama x Badtz-Maru cafe, Rilakkuma in Wonderland pop-up, Shiro-hige’s Totoro cream puffs and more. I’ll have a post about this at Super Cute Kawaii on Wednesday.

Universal Studios Japan

We have a couple of days in Osaka at the beginning of the trip and plan to spend Halloween at USJ. We’ve not really been to a theme park in Japan before and it should be extra fun at Halloween. We’re looking forward to some fun merch and food, the Jaws and Jurassic Park rides and a look around the Harry Potter area.


teamLab exhibitions

These interactive digital installations look so much fun and we definitely can’t miss the chance to visit one. I’m leaning towards teamLab Planets as it’s temporary and has water features.


This was on my itinerary last time but I mixed up my days and had to skip it. It’s good to get out of Tokyo and see some new places and Yokohama has a cool seafront, Chinatown and the Cup Noodle Museum!

arashiyama - marceline smith


I’ve visited Arashiyama (near Kyoto) on my 2016 trip but that was before they opened a Rilakkuma Cafe and Miffy bakery! Luckily both of those are near the Togetsukyo bridge, an area I didn’t have time to explore on my last visit.

Sanrio Puroland

This indoor theme park always seemed a bit too childish but it seems a lot more fun now that weirder characters like Gudetama & Aggretsuko have found a more adult audience. It’s also a great opportunity to meet lots of mascots in one place. I’ve placed this on our last day though, as we have a lot planned so we might end up dropping it for something else.


Journaling with Kaila

I’ve never met up with anyone in Japan before but this time I’m getting to spend some time with Kaila of Rainbowholic. She helped out a lot with my book so it will be super cool to meet in person and do some journaling together.


Meanwhile, Nicolette will be doing something equally cool – going to the Loft Music & Culture festival in Kawasaki. We never used to be able to do different things but we’ll both have a Pocket Wifi so we can keep in touch.

Of course, we’ll also be doing lots of shopping and other fun stuff so make sure to follow me on Instagram or Patreon for updates from Japan.


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