Happy Customer Photos

Happy Customer Photos – Autumn 2018

I’m just going to accept that I will never do these posts monthly again, so I’m going to try for seasonally. Let’s have a look at more of your cute photos featuring my products. 

My first Custom Stamps Week was a lot of fun and I loved this cute gang that Cheryl ordered. Look at the teeny weeny Lava Lamp Ghost!

My good friend Catherine bought a pair of my Sew Cute rain boots back when they first came out and they’re still going strong in her little German garden.

bumblebee garden decoration

My mum has been gifting Bumblebee garden decorations and this one is looking cute in amongst the flowers. I am really missing summer now.

Photo by @oswaldka01

Cats, pins and Halloween – three of my favourite things! I love everything in this photo – follow Sir Oswald for more kitty pics.

Photo by @peahen42

This little Bread Slice necklace got caught in the rain, but it hasn’t stopped him smiling. This was one the jewellery samples I made with Tizzalicious and I’m happy to say I donated £25 from the sales to The Book Trust.

And finally, I shared a little video of my drawing an apple on an order sheet and Jenny gave it a go. It’s definitely recognisable as one of my apples!

Keep sharing your images with me – they honestly make my day! You can tag @marcelinesmith on Instagram.

PS. Instagram embeds are not working very well in the new WordPress so I’ve copied the images to my blog. Please let me know if you ever want your photo removed.

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