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2019 Plans & Goals

I kind of forgot about my 2018 plans & goals so was surprised to discover I had achieved almost all of them! Let’s check back and set some new ones.

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2018 update

I definitely managed to go back to Japan and buy some new shoes (I bought 2 pairs of trainers but still haven’t got rid of all the other shoes I don’t wear). I started a journal, though I only kept up with parts of it. I read more comics (15 this year, almost double). I did a lot of drawing for fun with my 100 Day Project, and managed to do more writing for fun on my Patreon and Lili.

I did sew some pyjamas but discovered after sewing one leg that the size chart had lied to me and they were never going to fit. I did technically make more pom poms but it was just my snowman again for a tutorial so I’m not counting it as a success. A couple more are going back on the list below.

Now for 2019. I’ve chosen 10 things again:

The Super Cute Book of Kawaii

Enjoy my book release

Obviously, I’m very excited about my book being published in July but I also know it’s not going to be a perfect dream come true. I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone to promote it and there are sure to be some negative reviews, general indifference (the announcement wasn’t even one of my most-liked photos of the year!) and a few more of my publishing illusions shattered. I’m determined to stay positive and enjoy the experience as it might be my only book.

Reach my first Patreon goal

My Trouble Club on Patreon will be a big focus this year and I hope to grow it. 25 patrons seems like a tiny number considering I have 3000 Instagram followers but I know how much resistance there is to paying even $1 for content. Once I get 25 patrons I’ll be able to create exclusive products for members so it will be fun to hit that.

Create 12 new characters/patterns

I still have a huge list of ideas left over from my 100 Day Project so I plan to dip into those and create new things for my shop and on-demand stores. Hopefully it will be a lot more than 12!

Make more zines

I tried to love Lili and tumblr for fun writing/random lists but neither has worked for me. Instead, I plan to write more stuff offline and collect them in simple PDF zines for my Patreon. I’d like to write another Japan zine/book too but we’ll see.

Figure out my freelancing

I took a complete break from freelance work while I wrote my book and haven’t really gone back since. I’m managing financially without it but it would be a bit risky to give it up completely – and how else will I fund my next Japan trip? I need to make some decisions and sort out my neglected website. 

Catch up with friends’ music 

I was reading my pal Chris’s 2018 recap and realised how far behind I have fallen with the music made and released by my friends with bands and record labels. I didn’t do a great job of listening to new music last year so this is a win-win-win – even if I don’t like something, I’ve helped support people I love.

Cook new things

I like cooking but it gets a bit tedious day in day out. I just bought an Instant Pot so I’m looking forward to experimenting a bit without having to spend a lot of time on it.


I did a great job decluttering my studio but then other things got in the way. I want to finish the other rooms, especially my bedroom and the kitchen.

Go outside

A rerun from last year. I did pretty well at this but I could do better and explore more instead of doing my usual walk around the town Pokestops.

Try Journaling again

The only parts of my journal that really stuck were tracking things in a non-creative way. I think I need a mix of habit tracker, creative memory journaling and weekly/monthly planning, which may end up being 3 separate journals! I’ll be trying a few things and seeing what works out.

So there we go. Bonus resolution – check this post once a month to remember what I’m supposed to be doing!


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