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Day in the Life Zine

Long-time readers will remember the Day in the Life posts I used to share – and now there’s a zine!

Day in the Life zine

Day in the Life was a project that Claire started and involved various bloggers and creative types over the years. Basically, it was about documenting a day in detail so you could see what our lives were really like, without the editing you usually do to make yourself seem more impressive. Some are here on this blog but others were on my old archived blog or on Instagram.

Day in the Life zine

As part of Work/Life month on my Patreon, I created a Day in the Life zine with my favourite ten entries from 2007-2016, which can be in words, photos, doodles or an A-Z! Sometimes nothing happens and sometimes I’m in Tokyo but each day is interesting in its own way. It also includes my current weekly routine so you can see how I’ve changed over the years (a lot!)

Watch on Vimeo

When it came to the cover, I knew I wanted to use this silly drawing from my doodle day in the life but the original scan was too small, so I ended up redrawing and colouring it on my iPad. I tried not to change it too much and it came out pretty well. You can watch a timelapse of it above.

Day in the Life zine

The zine is available from Payhip or Etsy for £2 (+VAT if your country charges it) for a digital PDF that you can read on your computer or phone (or print, but as flat pages, not a booklet). You could also pay slightly more and join the $5 tier (about £4) of my Patreon where you’ll get this zine free, along with all these zines and printables + a year’s worth of exclusive printable stationery!

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